My name is Gleb Reys. I have been working in various fields of Unix administration since 1998. I migrated to Dublin, Ireland in 2001 and have been extremely lucky to have worked for some of the biggest names in various industries: Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Xilinx, Paddy Power, IBM.

I enjoy exploring new Linux distros, find it fascinating to learn new ways of accomplishing Unix administration tasks and enjoy the opportunity of sharing my technical notes and advice with large community around Unix Tutorial website, on the Unix Tutorial Facebook page and especially on the Unix Tutorial Facebook group. I am also availabe on the @GlebReys Twitter.

I run a technical consultancy called Tech Stack and welcome opportunities to help businesses on their infrastructure or cloud migration journey.

I really like reading technical books and hope to publish a number of eBooks on Linux topics myself. If you want to suggest a new topic for an eBook or video – please get in touch. Also, I would love to read and review your technical book on Linux/Unix administration.