Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019

Amazon just announced the Kindle Oasis 2019 model with adjustable warm light. This feature alone is probably worth the upgrade if you’re as keen a reader as I am. Actually, this feature may be the only upgrade you’re gettin in this iteration of the Oasis model.

They will start shipping new devices in late July and have a Kindle Unlimited promotion (6 months free) running for Kindle Oasis 2019 pre-orders.

I already have a Kindle Unlimited account, so will probably not be pre-ordering until first customer reviews are in, but this looks like an exciting development.

Hope the screen tech gets upgrades too – it’s the same size and resolution but I expect refresh speeds and contrasts to improve.

pS: strangely enough Amazon UK has Kindle Oasis with 4G model, while Amazon US only list ad and ad-free models but no mention of 4G.

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