Linux Mint as Desktop (via Unix Tutorial)

Since moving my MacBook Pro to remote office about a year ago, I’ve been waiting for a suitable [[Mac Mini]] system to purchase for home use.

Surprisingly, Linux Mint stepped up to become my only desktop OS and I’m quite happy with it for everything except macOS/iOS integration (which is missing for obvious reasons).

Linux Mint as a Desktop OS via Unix Tutorial:

Linux Mint Improvements

  • Bluetooth devices battery support - standard Linux Mint taskbar widgets now report my Logitech mouse and keyboard batteries correctly. Sweet!
  • HiDPI mode - at last, things are fully supported with 4K resolutions - nice scaling, etc. I no longer use LG 5K monitor so not sure if it would have worked out of the box.
  • Audio/video drivers and codecs - pretty awesome to see that most of my recent enough Z390 chipset based montherboard features are supported out of the box!

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