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I migrated my Unix Tutorial blog to Netlify on May 1st, switching from Wordpress to Jekyll 4 static CMS in the process. As part of my SEO strategy, I intentionally left behind a large percentage of not-so-popular content, and this started bringing positive results recently.

Specifically, my traffic kept growing and kind of exploded in June 2020: it went from around 3GB per day to more than 12GB per day.

These are wonderful news, as you can understand. But one of the consequences is that I’m now blowing past the 100GB traffic allowance on my free Netlify plan in less than 2 weeks.

I purchased additional traffic (extra 100GB), but this also got maxed out - and so I turned to Cloudflare for help. I stopped using their Proxy/Caching functionality a couple of years back, but this time turned it back on.

Incredible! My traffic to Netlify went from 13GB per day to just 1.1GB: Unix Tutorial traffic on Netlify Unix Tutorial traffic on Netlify

So I’m getting 10x less traffic to the web servers with the added benefit of faster content delivery to all my visitors.

Thanks Cloudflare! Seems I’ll be joining the paid Pro plan later in 2020 - but so far even the free plan is bringing tons of vlaue.

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