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Sometime in August I decided to finally give Roam Research a try and would like to confirm that this is my note taking and thinking tool of choice now.

Roam Research uses a knowledge graph for managing all your notes - you use links and tags to connect related pages by topic or project, but the magic is in auto-discovery of connections between pages.

I’m at the very beginning of my Roam journey, in a sense that I’m slowly migrating my collection of about 10000 notes from Simplenote (done), Evernote (done), Apple Notes (almost done) and Bear notes (not sure I’ll be migrating everything) and making date-based and topic connections.

The most important feature for me is Daily Notes - every day you start with a new blank page created automatically, to capture notes and plans for the day. These daily notes are later available for browsing in many connected ways. I’ve been manually implementing daily notes for about 2 years now in other software, so this workflow is completely natural for me now.

Will have to report back in a few more months cause the real benefit is going to be noticeable upon converting most of my notes into permanent notes - which are not just captures or highlights from books and articles, but my own thoughts on the same ideas.

There will be a free plan available for Roam Research at some later stage, but for now it’s a paid service.

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